About Us

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On April 3rd 2011 two former Dorking Churches, The Vine and The Nower, merged and met together for the first time as New Life Church. On this continual journey for us a church family, we have recently moved from holding our meetings at The Priory School to Dorking Halls in the town centre. This very exciting time for us and several aspects of Church life and we look forward to you welcoming you.

Amongst lots of changes, one thing remains unchanged - we are a community of people who love God and who are continually thankful for the new life He has given us through Jesus Christ.

We also share a common aim - to know Him more and help others do the same.

Whether you are a Christian or just looking to find out more we'd love you to visit us. We are from all sorts of backgrounds and ages, so whether you are young, old, or somewhere in between, we hope you'll feel very welcome.

We believe that the Holy Spirit gives power and gifts to Christians today so that the church can grow and reach out effectively to others. This is a normal and necessary part of Christian life and experience.

As a church we believe that the whole Bible is inspired by God and is the final authority over what we believe is true and how we should live. In the Bible God has set out a pattern for churches to follow, and so we aim to build Newlife Church that way.

 About Us